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NCIUA 2023 Summer Presentations

Regeneration of Nerve Cells in the Ear by Efstratia Papoutselou
Rinri Theraputics

The COACH Trial by Ray Glover
NCIUA Secretary & Participant

Grouping Sounds Together: How we listen in Noisy Places by Nick Haywood
University of Cambridge Sound Laboratory

A New Approach to Captioning by Ben Glover
Creative Captioning

How I rebulit my Life by Elizabeth Elliot
Violinist and Pianist

NCIUA 2022 Summer Presentations

Cochlear Implants and Artificial Intelligence by Helen Cullington,
Chair of the BCIG and
Professorial Fellow of Southampton University

Improving access to Ci for adults and Lifelong Services by Sue Archbold
Coordinator of
Cochlear Implant International Community of Action (CIICA)

Using vibration on the wrists to enhance cochlear implant listening by Mark Fletcher
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton

NCIUA 2019 Summer Meeting Presentations

FOUNDATION Bilateral Trial by Dr Padraig Kitterick

CI Awareness Issues by Dr Anne-Marie Dickinson, Manchester

Electro- Haptic Stimulation by Dr Carl Verschuur, Southampton

Dementia & Hearing Loss  by Dr Carl Verschuur, Southampton

NCIUA 2018 Summer Meeting Presentations

Proposals to NICE by Dr Debi Vickers of UCL

Speech to Test Smartphones by Jesal Vishnuram of AoHL

Inflammation in Hearing Loss by Dr Tracey Newman of University of Southampton

Implantable Cochlear Implants by Mr Richard Irving, QE Hospital Birmingham

NCIUA 2017 Summer Meeting Presentations

Cochlear Implant Care: Putting Patients in Charge by Helen Cullington, Southampton Auditory Implant Service

Candidacy for Cochlear Implants: Who could Benefit in Future? by Pádraig Kitterick – Associate Professor, Nottingham Biomedical
Research Centre,

NCIUA 2016 Summer meeting Presentations

Introducing NCIUA Ambassador Melanie Jewett: Deaflympic success, confidence restored after Implant

Improving Listening with Implants – Emma Whiting, Senior audiologist, CHEAR

QuicK+fire trial, a new drug that promises to enhance the performance of CI’s – Peter Harris, Autifony

NCIUA 2015 Summer Meeting Presentations

New patient-centred approach using a telehealth care package. by Helen Cullington,  Auditory Implant Service, Southampton.

Tinnitus and Cochlear Implants: past, present and future,by David Baguley, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Cambridge University Hospital Trust.

TV Subtitling – The Remaining Challenges  by David Padmore, Head of Access Services, Ericsson (formerly Red Bee Media)