Please note that whilst the NCIUA uses it best endeavours to provide accurate information, the Association does not provide medical advice and has no responsibility for these notes.

All cochlear implant users should read and understand the instructions given by the manufacturer / supplier of their cochlear implant
and should take advice from their clinician on their own particular circumstances.

Contact links for this on are as below:

Advanced Bionics

The Recommended Guidelines on Safety for Cochlear Implant Users”  document has been produced by the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG) with input from the the suppliers of cochlear implants..

The information contained in that document  which is a detailed research paper
aims to provide realistic guidance to cochlear implant users to enable them to gain the maximum benefit from their implants and to minimise potential problems,
but is given as general guidance, parts of which may not be applicable to all cochlear implant users.



Cochlear implants (CI) all have an internal magnet; some – but not all – models are compatible with MRI scanning.
Some may need magnet removal before scanning; in some patients MRI scanning cannot happen at all. MRI guidelines must be followed – regardless of which part of the body is being scanned.
If a CI user needs an MRI scan, please refer to the manufacturer safety guidelines above and contact your cochlear implant centre.

BCIG have published a Patient Information Sheet.
It’s a 4 page document.
Use the arrows in bottom left hand corner of page 1 to move to subsequent pages.


Skin Treatment

BCIG have published a guidelinne document  on this subject which can be seen here