Cochlear Implant Users Yahoo Group (UK)

This is a support group set up within ‘Yahoo Groups’ on the Internet. Based in Bristol and founded in July 2004 by Alison Patuck, it is aimed at all cochlear implant users within the UK, regardless of age or choice of manufacturer. This is where CI users can share their first-hand experiences and also give and share support, advice and friendship; not only to themselves but also to prospective users who are thinking or awaiting their implants. Here, they would find people who can give them a varied, realistic and balanced view of having an implant first-hand. The reason Alison set up the group was that she felt there was a lack of this type of support in the UK, unlike America where there are hundreds of support groups.

“The group is still continuing to grow. On average we’ve been getting roughly 250 – 300 messages a month. There are members who are thinking about having an implant, some who are waiting for their surgeries, others for switch on to members who have been implanted from just weeks or 15 yrs +!! We also have a few members who are bilateral CI users. We have established a Database and Files section containing several members CI Experiences  and a Links page. There’s even a photo album full of some of our CI surgeries, processors etc.
This site is now moderated which means all new members who wish to join need to be approved first by either myself or one of the moderators. This is just check it is genuine application, to avoid the inevitable Spam. So please don’t be put off by this, its nothing personal.
Members on the group have found great benefit in having access to others who all are in the same boat so we can all empathise with each other, as we all know what it’s like going through this difficult – physical, emotional and a major life-changing journey involved getting a Cochlear Implant. All are more than welcome to join and I look forward to hearing from you on the site soon”.

Group Owner: Alison Patuck E-mail:

If you any problems/queries/further details about the group – please feel free to e-mail me.

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