The world’s first International Consensus on cochlear implant (CI) treatment for adults* was published in JAMA Otolaryngology.
The paper was authored by 31 hearing experts assisted by cochlear implant user and professional advocacy organisations.
The publication is a major step forward in clarifying when CI’s are a treatment option for adults, and a timely call
to policymakers, insurance funding bodies as well as health professionals to better understand the importance of providing access to CI treatment for those who could benefit.

This generated a series of Webinars by Adult Hearing in which a diverse multi-disciplinary panel of experts from around the world, discuss the findings and recommendations from the consensus paper, as well as the real world barriers and facilitators to access and equity for adult CI..

The Webinars are presented by leading experts in the field of CI from around the world and include the participation of patients..

The first series of Webinars in 2020 was solely about the impact of Covid-19 on the provision of CIs

The second series of Webinars concluding in August 2021 are set out below with direct links to each of them..

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Consensus towards Standards of Care

Awareness of cochlear implants

Best practice clinical pathway for diagnosis

World Report on Hearing

Clinical effectiveness of cochlear implants

Relationship between hearing loss and depression, cognition and dementia

Cost implications of cochlear implants