The events listed below are not NCIUA organised events but are published here
to enable all CI users and candidates to particpate in face to face contact with the manufacturers.

Advanced Bionics

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to join us as we launch our new Marvel CI platform in the UK and Ireland.

For over 25 years, Advanced Bionics has been the cochlear implant innovation leader. Now, in close collaboration with Phonak, the global leader in hearing care, we are thrilled to bring the highly successful Marvel hearing aid technology to your cochlear implant candidates, recipients and families. We are confident that our new product offerings will help you, your patients and families open a new chapter of success.

We are hosting our next Advanced Bionics Virtual Communicate with Success Event on Tuesday 22nd June 2021 from 2pm – 3pm via Zoom. Our Communicate with Success events are suitable for anyone with hearing loss considering cochlear implants for themselves or a loved one or any Advanced Bionics cochlear implant wearers/families.

The theme for this month’s event is Re-adjusting to a world of noise, so we will be discussing the adjustments to a post-COVID listening environment and will include tips and tricks for mask wearing, listening to speech in noise, hearing device settings and supporting a loved one with hearing loss.

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As we have also been unable to hold our regular Patient Engagement days which have proved popular over the last few years
we will be holding Webinar series in 2021.
The next one is session 2 of the ‘Here to Keep you Hearing’ Webinar Series for candidate and existing users
which is on two 40 min sessions on 24 March 2021

To register for these sessions please view here for a poster of these events