The events listed below are not NCIUA organised events but are published here
to enable all CI users and candidates to particiate in face to face contact with the manufacturers.

Advanced Bionics
It gives us great pleasure to invite you to join us as we launch our new Marvel CI platform in the UK and Ireland.

For over 25 years, Advanced Bionics has been the cochlear implant innovation leader. Now, in close collaboration with Phonak, the global leader in hearing care, we are thrilled to bring the highly successful Marvel hearing aid technology to your cochlear implant candidates, recipients and families. We are confident that our new product offerings will help you, your patients and families open a new chapter of success.

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8 December 2021 at 2 pm by Zoom
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Communicate with Success: Introducing the myHearingGuide app

We are proud to be launching our new hearing journey coach app myHearingGuide to hearing aid wearers, cochlear implant wearers and their families next month.
Please find below the details of the online launch event. Please share with your families, so they can join us at the event to find out more.

Join us at this live online event to find out how the myHearingGuide™ hearing journey coach app can help you to:
– Look at your hearing goals and make a plan
– Find the right solution to help you on your journey towards better hearing
– Keep track of your hearing journey progress and share this with those who are supporting you
– Find information and answers to your questions and get connected to useful resources



New 1:1 Virtual Appointment System 

MED-EL Connect with you is a 1:1 appointment booking system which provides candidates and MED-EL users
the opportunity to make a 30-minute appointment with one of our Senior Clinical Specialists, virtually.

The system can be used to raise any questions or gather more information during their appointment on the topics below –
•    Implant Choice
•    Implant Safety
•    Product Information
•    Rehabilitation

The appointment system will go live on 2nd November and can be accessed via our website.


Saturday 16th October 2021, 11am

  • Candidacy
  • Next Steps
  • Q & A session

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BONEBRIDGE – Alternative to hearing aids; a bone conduction implant that is under the skin

A Bone Conduction System which can be used for conductive hearing loss and as a solution for Single Sided Deafness.

  • Effortless hearing – no surgery required
  • For all ages – ideal solution for babies and toddlers
  • All day wearing comfort – no pressure on the skin
  • Reliable listening – stays securely in place for optimal sound quality

Tuesday 2nd November 2:00pm – 2:40pm

Thinking about a cochlear implant?
Join us to find out more information on the following

What you might look for in an implant
Next Steps
Q & A session

For further details please see here.

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