Please note that whilst the Association uses its best endeavours to provide accurate information on the subject of Cochlear Implants, it does not provide medical advice or make recommendations with regard to any particular implant or equipment and no information given on this site should be construed as doing so. 

Any person interested in having a Cochlear implant must seek professional medical advice.

There are four principal manufactures of cochlear implants across the world and most of them supply the NHS in the UK. Some Implant Centres offer several of these choices whilst others may only offer one or two.

You should examine all the options, wherever possible, and make your own research on which model may suit your needs and tastes. Clinical considerations may leave the choice decision solely in the hands of the implant team.

The implant selection is a life time choice and wherever possible you should make it yourself.

You may benefit from coming to our Association meetings (see Events  for national events and Regional Events for local events) where not only will you be able to meet cochlear implant users and their families and learn of their  experiences but also see the manufacturer exhibitions and talk to their clinicians.

Individual pages for each of the manufacturers are on this website .

Each page shows their current device and latest news on their products.

The manufacturers and UK office locations are:

Advanced Bionics UK Ltd
Breaks House
Mill Court
Great Shelford
Cambridge, CB22 5LD
Phone: 01223 847888

Cochlear Europe Ltd
6 Dashwood Lang Road
Bourne Business Park
Addlestone Surrey KT15 2HJ
Phone : 01932263400


3 Park Square
Thorncliffe aprk
S35 2PH
Phone: 0330 123 5601

Oticon Medical
Cadzow Industrial Estate
Phone: 01698 283363
Direct: 07823526621