CACISS ( Cambridge Cochlear Implant Social Support)

We are a group of CI users and those who are working toward CI implantation. We meet over coffee and cake to discuss all things CI and much more.

Saturday 1 June 2019 . For full details see here

All brands of CI users and candidates are welcome plus a friend. The event is free to attendees with refreshments included.
Numbers are limited due to the size of the venue. To reserve a space for you and a friend please contact:

CI High Five (UK)

Joining instructions will be issued strictly on a first come first served basis.Please note our emphasis is on social topics and we are not a replacement for healthcare professionals.
We look forward to meeting you.

This voluntary group is setup to support cochlear implant (CI) candidates and users across Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Birmingham and London.
Meetings are held Oxford, London, Reading, Birmingham.

Breaking News – See new programme for 2019

Meetings this year will be held on   9 Nov and 7 Dec.

Saturday 9 November in Oxford
See here for full details

The socials are informal and friendly with people that understand about hearing loss and the challenges it presents in everyday life.
Venues will have minimal background noise to aid better hearing and also close to transport links e.g. train and bus stations plus car parking.
Partners, parents of CI children and friends of CI users or candidates are very welcome as well as people with a wide variety of backgrounds – whether you are born deaf, late deafened, sign, don’t sign or a bit of both.

For more information: Contact Anne Ryan by Email:
or  Join the Facebook Group: CI High Five

CI Southern Counties

Saturday 16th November
Our next Social Event is from 1pm at The New Forest Pub, Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst SO40 7AA
Please be aware that there are two pubs in Ashurst with similar names – The New Forest and The Forest Inn. 
Our Social is at THE NEW FOREST, which is the pub nearest the train station.
Accessible Conservatory reserved, food and drink available to buy.
Come along and join us, meet new friends and share experiences!
See you there!
Sarah, Caroline and Sandra –

CI South West Group
Saturday – 13 July – Details still to be announced

Socials are usually 1:30pm to 4:30pm; venue information is confirmed a few weeks before each event.
All CI users, candidates, friends and family are welcome to attend.
These are a great opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, and/or ask questions about cochlear implants.
For more information, please email us at: or join our active Facebook group:

Home Counties Group

Saturday, 19th October 2019 from 10.45 to 15.15
A Music Event at King’s Cross Academy, Frank Barnes School,The Plimsoll Building,4 Wollstonecraft Street,Kings Cross,London N1C 4BT

This will be followed by lunch, a speech to text presentation and then our AGM.
For further details E-mail:

Manchester CI Social Meet up

Saturday 18 August We will be at the Duke 92, 18-25 Castle Street, Manchester, M3 4LZ. For further information on see here.We are a small growing group with mixer of Ci users, candidates, hearing aids as well family and friends. If you are thinking about getting cochlear implant or wanting to chat, come along and meet us. For more information/ confirm your place please contact Manda at

Northern CI Social Group

Monthly meetings are held at 3 venues in Rotherham, Sheffield and Worksop.
Full details , dates and meeting venues can be see at these links: Rotherham  Sheffield  Worksop
Contact on Facebook at

Oxford CI Support Group (OxCIS)

Saturday  17 November 2019

Adult CI Tea Party will be held at the same venue of Islip village at 1 pm
Full details can be seen here
Please note the new email contact address for this group..

Sheffield Cochlear Implant Users Group (SCIUG)

We are a newly formed Sheffield Cochlear Implant Users Group under the umbrella of Sheffield Central Deaf Club, Victoria Hall, 2nd Floor, 41, Chapel Walk, Sheffield S1 2JB.
We meet every Friday from 11am till 1pm for informal chats.


Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Users Group

Contact: Lynne Tapper : Email:
Speech and Language Therapist
The Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service,The Listening for Life Centre
Bradford Royal Infirmary, Duckworth Lane, Bradford BD9 6RJ Website:

Bradford:  21 March 2019, 20 June, 26 September, 12 December
Hull: 14 March 2019, 27 June, 12 September, 14 November
Barnsley: 13 March 2019, 19 June, 11 September, 11 December

Music – Piece by Piece, Piecing It Together, Remember to listen
Bradford: 7 February 2019, 18 April, 4 July, 11 July, 28 November, 5 December
Check with YAIS for which date and which course

Improving Communication Course
Bradford: 2 & 3 July 2019, 14 & 15 October- all at 10.00 to 16.00 – By invitation only. Contact YAIS for details .

Telephone Talk at Bradford – by invitation only.

Sound Advice at The Ear Foundation, Nottingham

Support session: COMMUNICATING WITH CONFIDENCE Sat, 28 Sept, 10:00 – 14:30 (@The Ear Foundation)
A session to improve your general communication with others and also learn to be empowered, assertive and self-confident when relaying your hearing loss and communication needs to others. £20 per person

Support session: AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER Sat, 5th October 10:00 – 14:30 (@The Ear Foundation)
An information day for families, adults and professionals to learn more about Audiological Processing Disorder (APD).
We are excited to welcome a panel of experts including Dr. Doris, Bamiou, Dr. Nicci Chapman and Dr.Chrysa Spyridakou. Develop a deeper insight into APD including the diagnostic process, treatments and therapies. Take away and share practical tips and strategies to employ in everyday life. £25 per person, £40 per family (up to two adults) and £40 for professionals *To book please e-mail: or call: 0115 9421 985

Sat, 26 Oct 10:00 – 14:30 (@The Ear Foundation)
Join us to learn how to make the most of your hearing technology, whether you wear aids or an implant(s) these tips/strategies will be relevant to you. Practical sessions for you and your family/friends to take control of your hearing by learning how to effectively manage your aftercare and increasing your confidence. £20 per person BOOKINGS *When booking onto support sessions or information evenings, please let us know at the time of booking if you have any dietary requirements or communication needs.
To book your place on any of our sessions listed above or for more information please e-mail: or call: 0115 9421 985. *To book onto the Auditory Processing day on 5th October please e-mail: or call: 0115 9421 985

Regular sessions: Information mornings: SOCIAL MORNINGS: Last Wednesday of the month; 10.30am-midday (with the exception of the Christmas social and fuddle in December which will fall on Wednesday 18th December due to Christmas holidays). This monthly meeting provides an informal, social opportunity to meet with others and bring along family and friends. Ear Foundation staff will be on hand if you have any questions. (@The Ear Foundation) £1.50 per person- refreshments provided.

Support sessions: TINNITUS SUPPORT GROUP: First Tuesday of the following months; Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec 1.15-3.15pm (@The Ear Foundation). The group is an informal, supportive group with a positive attitude towards enabling everyone to live well with their Tinnitus. We are not able to provide medical advice or comment on specific symptoms experienced by an individual. For information about the support group, phone 0115 942 7804 or text 07852 296613. £2 per person- refreshments provided.

New Skills: HEARING EQUIPMENT SESSIONS By appointment only (@The Ear Foundation) Our resource centre has equipment such as; phones, door bells, TV listeners, wireless accessories and FM systems such as the popular Phonak Roger Pen. You can also ‘try before you buy’ and we can help select the correct equipment for you. Appointments: £20 initial session/ £10 for follow up appointment. Equipment loans: £10 per week (maximum two weeks)

Support sessions: HEAR TO HELP HEARING AID MAINTENANCE CLINICS Drop in clinics for NHS hearing aid users in your local community across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area.
For more information including a full list of clinic locations and dates please follow this link:
Don’t forget you can also catch up with everything that’s happening at The Ear Foundation via our monthly online newsletter, to take a look at January’s please follow this link: