CACISS ( Cambridge Cochlear Implant Social Support)

We are a group of CI users and those who are working toward CI implantation. We meet over coffee and cake to discuss all things CI and much more.

Our next meeting is being held at a venue near to Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and within a mile or so of Cambridge Railway Station. Free parking is available on site.

Saturday 24 March 2018 . For full details see here

All brands of CI users and candidates are welcome plus a friend. The event is free to attendees with refreshments included.
Numbers are limited due to the size of the venue. To reserve a space for you and a friend please contact:

Joining instructions will be issued strictly on a first come first served basis.Please note our emphasis is on social topics and we are not a replacement for healthcare professionals.
We look forward to meeting you.

CI Five Counties (UK):

Breaking News – see letter from Anne Ryan about exciting developments for 2018.

Satrurday 17 March in London. Full details can be seen here.
Saturday 14 April in Oxford. Full details can be seen here.

The socials are informal and friendly with people that understand about hearing loss and the challenges it presents in everyday life.
Venues will have minimal background noise to aid better hearing and also close to transport links e.g. train and bus stations plus car parking.
Partners, parents of CI children and friends of CI users or candidates are very welcome as well as people with a wide variety of backgrounds – whether you are born deaf, late deafened, sign, don’t sign or a bit of both.

For more information: Contact Anne Ryan by Email:
or  Join the Facebook Group:    CI Five Counties

CI Southern Counties

Saturday 21 April from 1pm-5pm at the Westgate pub in Winchester
It’s a grade II listed pub, so the toilets are down 10 steps to lower floor. Otherwise, the location is all on street level.
It serves food and drink all day and sounds extremely welcoming!Dogs welcomed with open arms!

Well lit for lipreading. Town centre parking nearby.
All park and rides will stop at Westgate, however Pitt and South Winchester car park points are the closest park and rides. 
2 minutes walk from the end of the High Street.
5/10 minutes walk from the Winchester mainline Station.

For our new members – a huge welcome. You will find all our members are most happy to chat about their experiences.
Many members may even tell you that they were nervous coming to their first Social…. but they soon float away (the nerves, not the people!) once we find like minded people who share communication struggles and giggles.  Some of us sign.  Some of us don’t.  Some of us lipread well.  Some of us don’t.  Some of us are local, some are not.  Some are over 50 years older, and some are not! 😎  We are a mixed bunch!
We welcome all Cochlear Implant users, their families and friends, children, Hearing Dogs, Guide Dogs, and anyone considering an Implant.

It can be a lonely frustrating world out there with hidden disabilities; our Socials are a breath of fresh air for many.
Hope to see you there!
Best wishes
Sandra and Caroline. 😍😍
Home Counties Group
Tuesday 15th May 
Tuesday 3rd July
Wine bar social events will now be held from 18.00 till 21.15 at a new venue
Penderels Oak, High Holborn, Holborn,  WC1V 7HP- a wetherspoon Pub.
Nearest Tube -Chancery Lane on the Central line exit 2All events are where HCCIGs members, family and friends or new people interested in oining have the opportunity to meet in a more informal setting.
These events are dedicated to socialising and any other issues, problems or information can be shared.
Manchester Ci Social Meet up
Saturday 14 April
We will be at the Duke 92, 18-25 Castle Street, Manchester, M3 4LZ. For further information see here.
We are a small growing group with mixer of Ci users, candidates, hearing aids as well family and friends.
If you are thinking about getting cochlear implant or wanting to chat, come along and meet us.
For more information/ confirm your place please contact Manda at
Northern CI Social Group
Monthly meetings are held at 3 venues in Rotherham, Sheffield and Worksop.
Full details , dates and meeting venues can be see at these links: Rotherham  Sheffield  Worksop
Oxford Cochlear Implant Support Group (OxCIS)Sunday 1st October 2017
We’re holding our Autumn Party meeting at Islip Village Hall (OX52TA) – for full details see here.RSVP to

Sheffield Cochlear Implant Users Group (SCIUG)

We are a newly formed Sheffield Cochlear Implant Users Group under the umbrella of Sheffield Central Deaf Club, Victoria Hall, 2nd Floor, 41, Chapel Walk, Sheffield S1 2JB.
Open the 1st Saturday each month, from 11am till 2pm, and Every Friday from 11am till 1pm for formal chats.

Yorshire Cochlear Implant Users Group

2018 Meeting Dates


Thursdays:  22 March at 1330-1530, 21 June at 1000-1200, 27 September at 1330-1530 and 13 December at 1000-1200

Hull:            Bransholme Heath Cetre, Goodhart Road, Hull, HU7 4DW

Thursdays:  22 February at 1000-1200, 24 May at 1000-1200, 20 September at 1000-1200 and 29 November at 1000-1200

Barnsley:    Barnsley Hospital

Wednesdays   14 March at 1000-1200, 20 June at 1100-1300, 12 September at 1100-1300 and 5 December at 1100-1300

Ilkley:          The Clarke Foley Centre, Cunliffe Poad, Ilkley, LS29 9DZ

Fridays :   12 January at 1400-1600, 13 April at 1400-1600, 17 August at 1400-1600 and 9 November at 1400-1600


Sound Advice at The Ear Foundation, Nottingham


Are people telling you the television is too loud? Are you struggling to hear in     background noise; at the pub, in a restaurant, musical concerts or theatre? Come and find out about the latest advances in hearing aid technology and how we can support you in improving your quality of life.

The day will cover; hearing loss and its impact, Tinnitus and improving all aspects of communication. Find out how you can use your hearing aids to stream seamlessly to your phone, TV and tablet– listening made easy.

£15 per adult

*Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements or need any    specific communication support


Did you know The Ear Foundation offer hearing equipment sessions where you can trial phones, personal listening systems and FM systems. We can also support you with quotes for Access to Work and assist with applications for funding.

Equipment sessions- £20 new/ £10 repeat

Here at The Ear Foundation we also offer detailed hearing assessments which includes speech perception testing.

Hearing screenings- £30


Our coffee mornings continue this year and we have a host of exciting new topics coming up.
Please note we are asking for £1.50 per person at each coffee morning to help us cover our running costs which includes tea, coffee & biscuits. We’re sure you’ll agree this is still great value.
Last Wednesday of the month; 10.30am-midday.

  • March 28th– ‘Hear for Tea’ launch (Becky)