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MED-EL is here to support you every step of the way on your hearing journey. Families in more than 120 countries enjoy the gift of hearing with the help of a MED-EL system, supported by rehabilitation resources and excellent customer service when you need it.

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System

The SYNCHRONY implant provides the fullest, richest range of sounds, and supports improved music and speech understanding.  Only MED-EL cochlear implants offer Triformance that combines unique sound coding strategies with specially-created soft electrodes, to give users the most natural sound quality possible.

Effortless Listening with SONNET 2 and SONNET EAS 2

SONNET 2 by Med-El

The SONNET 2 is made with natural hearing in mind.  The advanced automatic sound management includes adaptative intelligence and noise reduction to adjust in quiet and noisy backgrounds, whether relaxing at home or out to dinner with friends.

SONNET 2 ActiveWear

ActiveWear Cochlear Implant by MED-EL

ActiveWear provides a lightweight control unit worn behind-the-ear, with the battery pack securely attached to clothing. At 6.1g on the ear, it’s MED-EL’s lightest and smallest on-the-ear option available for children, providing maximum comfort and a stylish design.

SONNET 2 BabyWear

BabyWear by MED-EL

BabyWear offers the complete freedom of nothing behind-the-ear as the entire audio processor is attached to a baby’s clothing providing maximum comfort and security.

Connect whenever, wherever and to whatever!

The all-in-one AudioLink wireless streamer for the SONNET 2 means that you only need one streamer for every situation.  Take calls, stream from phones, tablets, TVs, and much more.  In fact, AudioLink can be connected to anything that has Bluetooth or a headphone jack!

With the AudioKey app, users can change settings, locate their audio processor, and check their hearing stats—all directly from their android or smart phone.

The AudioKey also has a “Guardian Role” function which enables parents to check their child is hearing their best, adjust the settings on their child’s audio processor from their phone, and keep a record of their hearing stats.

AudioKey is also the only app that allows parents to pair more than one audio processor with their phone, which is ideal if you have multiple children with cochlear implants.

Fully rechargeable and nothing on the ear with the RONDO 2

Rondo 2 is designed to be so easy to use, in fact users may even forget they’re wearing it!

Along with its innovative wireless charging pad, RONDO 2 has just one simple on/off button and automatically adjusts volume levels. It’s easy to connect to a phone or TV using intelligent wireless accessories and the compact design means it can be hidden descretely under hair.

It’s never been easier with RONDO 2 – Easy to use , easy to charge and easy to wear!

Make the SONNET 2 or RONDO 2 fully waterproof

The WaterWear is a skin-tight transparent cover placed over the SONNET 2 or RONDO 2 audio processor and closed with an adhesive strip to provide a tight seal. Its IP68 protection rating means users can go swimming in natural, chlorinated, or salt water whenever you want.

True Gold Standard in MRI – no pain, no hearing downtime

When things get tough, don’t worry.  With a MED-EL cochlear implant you can undergo high-resolution MRI scans at 3.0 Tesla without the need for additional surgeries to remove and replace your implant magnet. 

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